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Vivamax Salakab 2023, Lena, played by Angeli Khang, returns to her hometown after college, triggering jealousy and fury in her boyfriend Arthur, portrayed by Benz Sangalang, who discovers Lena’s new city-based boyfriend. Directed by Roman Perez Jr., the film explores themes of love, jealousy, and small-town dynamics, featuring Sahara Bernales in a key role. Angeli […]

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Sila ay Akin: A Riveting Cinematic Journey through Struggle and Solidarity

Director: Mac Alejandre Writer: Ricky Lee Stars: Angeli Khang, Azi Acosta, Vince Rillon In the emotionally charged landscape of Vivamax Sila ay Akin 2023 director Mac Alejandre, alongside the master storyteller Ricky Lee, skillfully crafts a narrative that delves into the raw depths of human struggle and the unyielding bonds that tie a family together. […]