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Benz Sangalang and Angeli Khang, Stars of ‘Salakab,’ Share Their Captivating Experience!

In the latest Vivamax offering, “Salakab,” the dynamic duo of Benz Sangalang and Angeli Khang takes center stage, delivering a gripping performance under the direction of the esteemed Roman Perez, Jr. The film promises a rollercoaster of emotions, blending intense dramatic sequences with daring love scenes that push the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

Behind-the-Scenes Challenges:

During the press conference, Roman Perez, Jr. stepped in for Angeli Khang, who was unable to attend. Perez shared insights into the challenges faced during the shoot, emphasizing the significant improvement in Khang’s acting prowess since their collaboration two years ago. Despite the difficulties faced during production, including precarious shooting locations and adverse weather conditions, both Sangalang and Khang demonstrated unwavering professionalism.

Unveiling Hidden Depths:

Perez proudly showcased the evolution of Angeli Khang’s screen presence and confidence, highlighting the expanded range of her acting skills. The director commended both Sangalang and Khang for delivering their best performances, not only in intense dramatic scenes but also in love scenes set in unconventional and perilous locations.

Daring Love Scenes:

The film’s erotic-drama genre takes viewers on a wild ride, exploring love scenes in unexpected and life-threatening settings. Perez teased that audiences would be surprised by the unconventional locations chosen for these intimate moments, including a scene above cliffs where the characters risk their lives to convey the depth of their passion.

“Salakab” Setting:

The film’s title, “Salakab,” serves as a metaphor, drawing inspiration from a basket made of split bamboo used in catching fish, shrimps, and crabs in shallow waters. Perez explained that when someone is “nasalakab,” they are caught or trapped in the act, creating an intriguing narrative connection to the characters’ lives.

Plot Overview:

The storyline revolves around Arthur (Benz Sangalang), a fisherman, and his ambitious childhood friend Lena (Angeli Khang). Lena aspires to pursue higher education in Manila, and with Arthur’s support, she embarks on a journey to achieve her dreams. However, unforeseen challenges, including the introduction of another man (Jomari Angeles) into Lena’s life, test the strength of their relationship. What ensues is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice, and determination.

“Salakab” promises to be a compelling addition to Vivamax’s lineup, with its unique blend of drama, passion, and daring love scenes. Roman Perez, Jr. expressed confidence in the exceptional performances of Benz Sangalang and Angeli Khang, urging audiences to brace themselves for a cinematic experience that transcends the ordinary. As the film dives into the depths of human emotions, viewers are in for a treat with a story that challenges conventions and explores the complexities of love and ambition.

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